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The APSR source code is under the AOSL (APSR open source license). If you donwload the APSR source code, you accept the AOSL license.

APSR0.17-13(06-02-10)1.49/1.1 mb source code version source codesource code------
APSR-Routingtools Devel 0.1(05-05-02)0.02/0.02 mb source code version source codesource code------
APSR Devel 0.17-12(05-05-02)1.67/1.24 mb source code version source codesource code------
APSR Devel 0.17-11(05-05-01)1.67/1.24 mb source code version source codesource code------
APSR Devel 0.17-10(05-03-28)1.67/1.24 mb source code version source codesource code------
APSR Devel 0.17-09(04-09-24)1.67/1.24 mb source code version source codesource code------
APSR Devel 0.17-05(04-09-07)1.58/1.14 mb source code version source codesource code------

APRecv 0.11(03-04-10)364/367 kb binary test version ia32/linuxia32/linux------
APRecv 0.11pre3(03-03-17)359/363 kb binary test version ia32/linuxia32/linux------
APRecv 0.11pre2(03-01-25)361/367 kb binary test version ia32/linuxia32/linux------
APRecv 0.11pre1(03-01-11)336/340 kb binary test version ia32/linuxia32/linux------
APRecv 0.10(02-10-13)335/339/335 kb binary test version ia32/linuxia32/linuxia32/linux---
APRecv 0.09(02-08-11)146/148 kb binary test version ia32/qnxia32/qnx------
APRecv 0.07(02-05-02)111/112 kb binary test version ia32/linuxia32/linux------
APSRServer 0.01(03-02-05)219/213 kb binary test version ia32/linuxia32/linux------
APSRServer 0.01(03-02-22)103/99 kb binary test version ia32/freebsdia32/freebsd------

APRecv 0.11(03-04-15)532/497 kb binary test version ia64/linuxia64/linux------
APRecv 0.11pre2(03-01-25)484/449 kb binary test version ia64/linuxia64/linux------
APSRServer 0.01(03-02-05)320/287 kb binary test version ia64/linuxia64/linux------

APRecv 0.11pre2(03-02-01)370/358 kb binary test version parisc/linuxparisc/linux------
APSRServer 0.01(03-02-05)238/225 kb binary test version parisc/linuxparisc/linux------

APRecv 0.11pre2(03-02-16)397/381 kb binary test version alpha/linuxalpha/linux------
APSRServer 0.01(03-02-16)251/234 kb binary test version alpha/linuxalpha/linux------
APSRServer 0.01(03-02-22)130/120 kb binary test version alpha/freebsdalpha/freebsd------

APRecv 0.11pre2(03-02-01)306/300 kb binary test version arm/linuxarm/linux------
APRecv 0.09(02-08-16)553/511 kb binary test version arm/linuxarm/linux------
APRecv 0.07(02-05-17)271/267 kb binary test version arm/linuxarm/linux------
APSRServer 0.01(03-02-05)184/175 kb binary test version arm/linuxarm/linux------

Which software is required to compile apsr?
- libcap (for packet capturing)
- POSIX C compiler
- A POSIX/SysV compatible system (TESTED 04-09-24)
- Standard linux/unix tools: make, autoconf, automake, m4, libtool, bison, flex, patch, diffutils
- Perl (standard package) for perl-scripting support

We patched the files pcap.c and savefile.c from libpcap 0.7.1 and libpcap 0.7.2 to give us the option to read gzipped pcap dump files! Here are the patched files for 0.7.1 / 0.7.2.

ECN (Explicit Congestion Notification RFC 3168) TCP flags (ECE/CWR) detection patches for ngrep-1.40.1, weedlog-1.0.1pl2, lwip-0.6.2, uIP-0.6 and nmap-3.27.

Patch for Ethereal 0.10.11, include support for RSVP properties (class 204).