APSR - Features

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Features of APSR(not all currently implemented)?
- Sending and receiving of packets
- Ouput and documentation in different languages
- Easy installation (autoconf/automake support) and binary packages
- Configuration files
- Logfiles and filters in a variety of formats (text, xml, sql, gdbm, csv, ...)
- Syslog and database (sql) interfaces
- Daemon mode
- Thread support
- IPv4/v6 and MAC resolving
- Broadcast / Multicast support
- Special "packet-sets" (wake-on-lan for example)
- Client/Server system
- HTML based management system
- Graphical user interfaces/front ends (GUIs/FEs): GTK/QT/ncurses
- Module support using a simple packet construction language (PCL)
- Plugin support (perl/python or perl/ruby)

Which protocols will be supported by APSR final 1.0 ?
Who knows ;-), currently(0.17-12) we can read more then 110 different protocol headers and create packets for about 30 different protocols.

And what's with the application layer?
Application layer protocols will be implemented through a simple module API. The modules can be written in C or (theoretically) in any other language. They will be loaded dynamically.