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Latest News

06-02-10Fixed some Makefile bugs.
06-02-09Fixed some compile problems (aprecv modules).
06-01-24Fixed some design bugs of our website.
05-08-10Added a patch for Ethereal 0.10.11 to include support for RSVP class properties (204).
05-05-02Added a new APSR version 0.17-12. Fixed minor bugs in aprecv, the metric in RIP headers were not correctly displayed. Fixed major bugs in UDP packet creation in the apsrlib and added support for writing to raw sockets.

Added APSR-Routingtools version 0.1. Initial release! Including RIPv1 and RIPv2 route generator.

Removed the ChangeLogs from the website.

05-05-01Added new APSR version 0.17-11. Fixed minor bugs in aprecv, the flags in GRE headers were not correctly displayed.
05-03-28Added new APSR version 0.17-10. Fixed a minor bug in aprecv, the Exp. bits in the MPLS headers were not correctly displayed.
04-09-24Added new APSR version 0.17-09. Changes are major cleanups (tcl scripting/xml removed), minor feature enhancements for the apsr-stack and a new module support for apsend.
04-09-08Redesigned the website.
04-09-07Updated the APSR version to 0.17-05. Removed aacrypt/apsr-gui from the source tree, fixed minor configure script bugs, added some features to the apsr-stack and cleaned up some header files of the apsrserver. Removed all older versions of the source code.